Video Marketing Works

Video marketing online, is becoming absolutely huge. It is a highly efficient money funnel for those that know how to use it and take advantage of this way of advertising.

Many individuals are hesitant to use video in their marketing, because they think it is far more difficult than it actually is. In fact, it is no more difficult than any other form of marketing once you get to grips with it.

The beauty of video as an advertising medium, is the speed with which videos can go viral. The search engines love video and will often rank a Website or Blog high, if it is rich in video content. Do a search on Google for any product or service, and more often than not, you will find a video or two somewhere in the top five.

The ease with which video can be created and uploaded to a Blog or website or a social network site, such as YouTube, is essentially an 'offspring' in the advancement in easy, push button technology. Such as the ability to upload videos to the Internet straight from mobile devices.

You can use tools such as Camtastia or Camstudio to capture most of your video footage, and quickly integrate it into your Website or Blog. These software kits can also capture the whole computer screen to demonstrate a product from someone else's website...very useful if you want to demonstrate an affiliate program and its benefits through video. Or demonstrate the benefits of a new software device that you are selling on commission.

You can also use easy movie makers such as the standard one equipped with Windows XP for example. Or you can do it in 'the cloud' on websites such as Jing or Animoto.

When advertising through video, what you are essentially aiming at, is being concise, and tweaking the viewers interest as rapidly as possible.

Once you have created a video, you need to tag it with relevant 'keywords and tags' may be proud of your latest video masterpiece, but it is for naught, if nobody views it. For most purposes, Google's free (AdWords) Keyword tool does the job, just fine...or use your own preferred tool.

If you are manually submitting your video to the directories, this could be a long and painful process. Perhaps you could pay someone to do it for you - or you could try the Tubemogul website...this is free, and will allow you to submit to several video directories all at once. This is just a starting point, when you get may want to crank-it-up a few notches - and start outsourcing as funds allow.

Once your videos are approved in various video directories, things will start to go viral, and you will begin to grow a steady audience.

You can even test how much feedback and traffic your site is getting, by setting up a Google alert 'flagging' your videos title.

Despite the growth in video marketing.... it is still a much under-used advertising medium... and there are some rich-pickings to be had - in a fairly fresh market - where there is very little saturation from over competition.

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