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Commission Assassin Review

Commission Assassin Profit Machines

I've had a chance to review the member’s area of Commission Assassin and it's packed with loads of implementable information. It is an easy to follow course on Youtube Marketing.

In case you didn't know, Youtube is second only to Google itself in search engine traffic. Not using Youtube in your marketing efforts is huge mistake.

Here are a couple of recent news worthy blurbs about Youtube...

YouTube is the next frontier for video game marketing VentureBeat YouTube is and will be a new and upcoming medium for game marketing especially for indie releases that lack funding for excessive ad campaigns. and more.…

Online Video Marketing Essentials One-Day Workshop Next Week London UK ReelSEO Online Video News ReelSEO Online Video News. I probably receive an invite from the UK and across Europe every week to discuss how I can work together with Digital Marketers in one form or another in t. Youtube Marketing YouTube SEO Viral Video Marketing Internet TV Video Platforms and more.…

Todd has taken his success getting Youtube videos top rankings in Google and created this course. Since Youtube videos rank well, you can easily piggy-back things like social marketing, affiliate sales, list building on top of Youtube video marketing.

In Commission Assassin, you get to see creator Todd Dowell login to his sites and walk you through exactly what to do.

Does the phrase it's so simple a cave man can do it ring a bell.

What Todd has done is to break down the process of how to make money online into bite-sized chunks. This is the kind of course that leaves you numb and even more confused that before you purchased it.

Commission Assassin avoids one of the biggest challenges to making money online for Newbies... INFORMATION OVERLOAD!

You know what I mean. Whenever a new product launches, there is a lot of buzz and anticipation that this will be the one. The one that finally clicks and gets you over the hump here you start seeing real results and those affiliate commissions start rolling in.

Launch day comes and you're eager to download your "new toy"!

You order the product, but before you can get rolling, you're hit with a ton of One-Time-Offers and UP-Sells. If you're like most marketers, you skip these ads and click on the download button.

A few minutes into reading the eBook or viewing the videos, you begin to realize one of a couple of things:

  1. The product is total junk!
  2. The creator left out 90% of what you have to do to REALLY make some money...
  3. The eBook and the free software is virtually worthless without the $97 or more up-sell.

Your elation and excitement suddenly turn to remorse or even disdain. What you thought was going to be your key to online riches slowly fades away; killing your dreams and causing you to become increasingly jaded by the gurus and their magic bullet products.

Now the real tragedy is that when something of real value does come along, your bound to think it's just another rip-off.

Here are a few reasons I am recommending Commission Assassin::

  1. Commission Assassin is affordable at just $9.95
  2. The OTO is simple - 6 weeks of live coaching ($37)
  3. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Quite frankly, this is a no-brainer if you are serious about achieving making real profits online.

If you cannot make money duplicating Todd's process, and step-by-step instructions maybe Internet/Online marketing is not for you.

One of the main things I liked about the course was it's simplicity. You don't have to wade through some 50 page eBook guide or a bunch of hour long videos.

I was able to consume the entire process in an afternoon and was up and running my first campaign in a day.

I'm not going to give away the farm, but here is just some of what you'll get inside. The core training of Commission Assassin teaches how to get first page rankings on YouTube and Google at the same time, often within 24 hours.

Commission Assassin Training - 4 Steps.

Step 1. How to Set Up the Machine

Step 2. How to Set Up Traffic Machines

Step 3. Collect Profits & Reinvest

Step 4. Bring In Clients

All this is covered in Live Case Study's, Blueprints, 10 Video Tutorials (each under 20 minutes), Mindmaps, Video Proof, Live examples of the process, and much more...

Todd reveals his secret for consistent $100/day profits using this system.

I highly recommend you check it out here: Commission Asssassin, The Big One!

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